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Hilti offers premium products for the building construction professional

Hilti South Africa offers a comprehensive portfolio to the building construction professional. For all relevant applications such as formwork, rebar & doweling, masonry, excavation and demolition. View our products and services online and do not hesitate to contact our call centre for assistance or visit a Hilti Store for a live demonstration.  

Formwork application using Hilti screw anchor.

Formwork Applications 

Formwork acts as a supporting member when concrete is being casted.

Prior to casting a concrete member formwork is erected around it.

The inner dimension of the formwork reflects the size of the conrete memeber. On the outside the formwork is supported to the conrete base using props (tubular steel members or wood beams) anchored to the base. 

Formwork, application using Hilti HUS3 screw anchor

Demoltion Applications

This method by which an existing concrete member is taken down, can occur due to changes or rectification of mistakes that happened during  construction.

Demolition can be either  on the wall or on the floor. Normally breakers are used to remove the concrete, its improtant to use the right breaker for the right intesity and direction of the  demolition job. Also the correct chisel should be chosen such as a wide flat or pointed chisel.  

Hilti tool services

Tool Services

Our local tool services are designed to offer the building construction professional the ability to keep their work uninterrupted with our high standards in repair quality and logistics services.  

Engineering services for anchor & rebar installations

Engineering Services for Rebar & Anchor installations 

HIlti offers  a variety of engineering services and approvals for anchor & anchor rebar installations.  

HIlti Services

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